Humble beginnings

I am:

  1. Right wing. To the core. I define as liberal and pluralist.
  2. A student, of sorts. Studying Peace Studies and International Relations at Leeds Met in Leeds.
  3. International. I have a bad case of multiple nationality disorder.

My blog aims to:

  1. Challenge preconceptions people have about the world. I thrive on smashing the status quo.
  2. Entertain people. I would like to make you stop and think about something from a new perspective and maybe chuckle at what you used to think.
  3. Educate. My blog will be littered with factoids and unreferenced data. I am unrepentant.

I will write as:

  1. Honestly as I can. I may change names occasionally.
  2. A libertarian. I am certain in my conviction that people know what is best for them (but not always what is right for them – but the former wins out).
  3. A means to express myself and understand the world around me.

If you find me breaking these rules, please let me know, I will consider apologising, but don’t hold your breath.


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