Will who?

Leeds Met Participation Awards 2010
Leeds Met Participation Awards 2010

I was born in North London in the Summer of 1988 to a Dutch mother and a Northern Irish father.

I studied Peace Studies and International Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University. I live in London currently.

I used to work at Leeds Met Students’ Union as the Associate President Education from 2008-2010. In that time I was a Governor of Leeds Metropolitan University and worked with ipsos-MORI and NUS as a National Student Survey Ambassador promoting understanding of the survey to students and students’ unions.

I went to the University of California Berkeley in the Summer of 2010 to do International Human Rights and now I volunteer at the National Union of Students as a member of the Democratic Procedures Committee.

My favourite authors are Yann Martel and Harper Lee (GCSE, I just really enjoyed them!), my favourite philosophers are Kouchner and Smith and I like dancing in the shower.

For my personal online presence visit: http://www.facebook.com/willonline

For my up to the minute twitter feed visit: http://twitter.com/willonline


One thought on “Will who?”

  1. Hello Will!

    Im Wieke, and I work for MasterPeace. MasterPeace is a bottom-up peace initiative, organized by young people in east and west, in co-creation with musicians, artist, peace-workers, journalists, companies and worldleaders.

    Desmond Tutu said about us: “I believe in MasterPeace. World leaders cannot push back armed conflict alone. We need the whole world to make this happen.”

    Our goal at MasterPeace is to give motivated and ambitious young leaders the space to jump out of the chair and into the world. We think you can be a perfect fit in our blogging community of great writers with your background in peace and international relations. Would you like to inspire others in your peer group to participate in society? We believe in the importance of the young people to participate in society and feel a broader connection to their world; because once they are connected, they are also involved. And once they are involved, they can make positive changes in their communities because they are informed, inspired, determined, and responsible. We think you can make part of this difference.

    Let me know if you’re interested! http://www.masterpeace.org/blog

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions!


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